What To Wear To The Gym For Females? Find Out Here!

After finally deciding to fit gym into your schedule, it may be overwhelming to choose the right workout clothes. You need to find the gym clothes that can help improve your performance and productivity. Though there are hundreds of brands selling gym wear items out there, not all of them seem to cater to the needs of an avid gym goer. In this guide, you’ll discover four features to lookout in clothing suited for workouts. 

Decent Fitting Workout Leggings

Workout leggings are among the workout clothes that most women who are into fitness buy. When buying them, consider the type of workouts that would need you to wear them. Shop for gym leggings with thicker material since some exercises are vigorous enough to tear cloth fabric. You may also want to pick those with pockets to stash your keys, phone or gel. 

Ensure the workout leggings aren’t see through (you ask a friend or a female attendant at the clothing shop to confirm for you if they’re see-through). Choose those with a stretchy waistband that doesn’t slip or dig through your midsection area. Once you find workout leggings that meet these criteria, you may use them on exercises such as lunging, jumping and squatting. 

Snug-Fit Sport Bras

Women have different measurements for sport bra sizes. Finding one that fits you should be your goal when shopping for workout clothes. Choose a snug-fitting sports bra that comes with a simple design for maximum comfort. The bras should also have full coverage to save you the troubles that come with wardrobe malfunctions. 

It may be daunting to find the right size if you’re expectant or you’re a new mom. Luckily, sports bra manufacturers usually take in such considerations when catering for the needs of consumers like you. Consider buying sport bras designed and marketed specifically for lactating mothers if you’re a new mom. Sport bras with adjustable shoulder straps and adequate compression will suit you if you’re expectant. 

Moisture and Irritant Resistant Workout Tops

Your skin should be the number one priority when shopping for gym wear items. Look for clothing made of irritation resistant material whether or not you have sensitive skin. The clothes should also have moisture-wicking fabric that dries off quickly when it gets in contact with moisture. Your workout performance will depend on how comfortable you are in your choice of clothing. 

Consider comfy and performance-enhancing material such as spandex, wool, nylon and polyester. Avoid any clothing made of cotton since cotton takes time to dry. If you’re into eco-friendly fabric, you may consider bamboo since it has natural antimicrobials that help eliminate bad odors. Tops with UPF protection would protect you against UV rays when engaging in outdoor exercises during the day.  

Women’s Full Coverage Workout Shorts with a Stretchy Waistband

 Shorts may be an option if you want to substitute then with pants as you’re going to the gym. Choose those that come with a stretchy waistband and offer adequate coverage for comfort. The shorts should also be made of sweat-wicking material to avoid accumulation of sweat when you’re working out

The good thing about comfortable gym shorts is that they can allow you to do different types of exercises without compromising your performance. You may pick tight ones or slightly baggy ones depending on your fashion taste and physiological needs. If you’re choosing tight ones, go for those with a tight grip around the thighs to prevent them from sliding upwards when you’re exercising. 

Summing Up

Your gym clothes will partly contribute to the results you get whenever you’re exercising. Avoid wearing super tight clothes and super baggy clothes or applying too much make-up when it’s time for working out. You should also avoid wearing stretched out bras, jewelry, worn-out sneakers and clothes made from cotton since they’ll slow you down. 


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