How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Personal trainer is a person who trains you personally for your fitness and healthier body. A personal trainer not only shows you the path for your sound health, but also helps you to grow for your future. He/she trains you for the goal of your healthier body. A person always dreams to get a good physic.

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But sometimes this dream doesn’t become reality because of our busy schedule as well as our lifestyle. The foremost thing to get a healthier body is dedication. If you decide to get a fit body, you need to promise yourself to levy on the decision. No matter how hard the decision is. Then you need the help of a dietitian and a personal trainer.

They will help you to reach your goal:

Your personal trainer will motivate you at the end of the weekend. Because workouts are the main hardens in getting a good physic. Workouts are the most pained thing you may feel at the end of the week. You may not feel to work out after a long tiring weekend. You may not feel the same motivation, the same energy that you feel at the beginning of the workout. So for this reason, you need a personal trainer. He/she will help you to do workouts. He/she will motivate you and will help you to regain your lost energy. A personal trainer will help you to regain your lost physic to give you a lucrative and healthier body.

Now it’s a tricky part to choose a personal trainer:

Nowadays anyone can become a personal trainer by seeing videos on YouTube and Face book rather than carrying any fitness certificate. So you need to be very conscious about the personal trainer while choosing for yourself. There are some points that you can consider while choosing your personal trainer. Some points are discussed beneath.

Fitness Certificate:  

Fitness certificate is the foremost thing to be considered in a personal trainer. Without showcasing a fitness certificate he/ she may not regain the degree of a personal trainer. A personal trainer needs to go through a lot of examinations that test the eligibility of the trainer. American Council on exercise (ACE), Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) are the most demanding organizations for a fitness certificate. Nevertheless a country’s fitness Organization (nationally approved) may be the best institution for a trainer to gain his/her certificate in fitness. So a personal trainer must have a fitness certificate to prove his/ her proficiency in training as well as professionalism.


Professionalism is the second best thing a personal trainer could hold. They may have been highly qualified, but if they don’t have professionalism, then they should not be considered as the best personal trainer. They should have professionalism with their quality certificate. Trustworthy organizations do create a man with professionalism. So his/ her certificate would value more when they become professional and dedicated for their profession.


The third foremost thing is inexperience. Though, it is the most important characteristics of all. An experienced trainer is better than any other trainer. You can get so many freshly cut certificate holder trainer, but an experienced trainer who have gone through many other training will know you and your body better. So experience is must in finding a personal trainer.


If your trainer do scream you to do more plank or for extra push up with a screaming loud voice, your mind won’t take the order easily. For this reason you will feel bore or frustrated out of that screaming voice and won’t ever feel like to go to the gym. That is the main reason behind the personality of the trainer. A trainer could finely motivate you. He/ she could finely convince you to do extra squats or push up. You won’t feel frustrated with that motivated voice. You will feel more energy to do workout for the next day. And that is the reason behind the personality of your trainer. A trainer full of personality could help you easily to get back to your goal without wasting any time.


The philosophy of the trainer helps you to gain your goal. Let you ask about the philosophy of your trainer, whether he/ she could help you to gain your goal. Some trainers do use machines, some do use free hand for gaining the goal. It’s your responsibility to ask for the philosophy of your trainer. How he would suggest you to gain your goal. Machinery are not suitable for homely use, as like that free hand is also not suitable for a machine equipped gym. So it fully depends on the philosophy of your trainer whether he/ she would use machine equipped gymnasium or home based free hand exercise.


Do you want something special or specific in your training? Then just go for the specific specialized trainer. He/ she may find great interest as well as motivated to train you. If you want to focus on the running sector of your training then do go for the Olympic or athletes specialized trainer. If you want to do specialize in squats then do prefer the specialized trainer in squats. It is better for you if you choose a personal trainer who is specialized in your preferred section then they will also be passionate about the criteria of the training.


There is a saying that- “if the thing is good, then it will cost more”. So this proverb is fully dependable on the experienced trainers for your physical training. Your personal trainer must have a specialized training certificate; he/she must be professional about his training career. But he/ she may cost you high. You have a high budget for your healthier body, and then you may choose the trainer of the town. But if you have a low one, then you can choose a freshly cut certificate holder trainer. It totally depends on the trainer how much he/she may demand. But they will cost you low compared to the experienced one.

They will help you to reach your goal

Now, you can also consider some fact. The fact is, some experienced trainers sometimes offer discount for the newly customers. You can grasp the offer if you are available at that time. And sometimes they do consider regarding the dedication of the trainee. It fully depends on the personality of the trainer if he/she would offer you a discount or not. A good personality holding trainer is rarely found.


Availability of the trainer is another fact in finding a great personal trainer. Sometimes the trainer may not be available, or he may have lot of booking for the training, may be out of country or he/ she may not be available for more than a month. So this kind of personal trainers should be avoided. As it is a matter of health, fully depends on mind game so there should not be taken any chance. If your mind changes or don’t motivate you for doing workout then you may not continue the workout. This kind of unavailable trainers should be avoided to reach the goal.


Distance is another fact that should be kept in mind while choosing a personal trainer. Is it okay for you to go out of the town to take training from your personal trainer or it is okay for you to walk for the residence of your trainer. So distance matters in training period. You may feel DE motivated   to go out of the town to take training. It may create a boredom as well as frustration in the training period. So long distance trainers should be avoided to stick to the plan.


Progress of the training period is a dream for every trainee. They want everyone to wish for their progress. Not only that, they wish everyone should cherish for their progress. Trainer plays a vital role in the progress of the trainee. So everyone wants to hear from their master as like the trainee. The words of the trainer works like magic to the training period of the trainee. So you should choose a professional trainer who will motivate you at every nook and corner of your training period.


Everyone wants complement. It works as the tonic for the encouragement. And if this complement comes from the trainer you could easily gain confidence for your upcoming goal. It may seem that, you are working hard on losing weight. But if you get complement it will work as an easy tonic for your progress. Choose wisely regarding your personal trainer, as he/ she helps you to build the energy to fill up your target.

These are the primary characteristics that you could keep in mind while choosing personal trainer for yourself. But these are not mandatory. You may choose according to your wise and requirement. Personal trainers help you to build a healthy physic and keep you balance for your longevity. You may feel overwhelmed through the process of finding a personal trainer, but trust me whenever you find the perfect trainer for your healthier body; you won’t find this process a difficult one.

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