How to lose weight fast

How to Lose weight fast is the most sound movement nowadays. People are so conscious about their health and they are in willing to lose their weight to keep them fit and active.  Losing weight is act like a trend in present time. It is not bad rather a good movement indeed. We all are the member of modern world. The scientific blessing enriched our lifestyle and reduces our physical labor. And the result do manufacturing food we all gain weight so rapidly and badly. There are so many reason working behind our weight gaining.

How to lose weight fast

Overweight make our life tough and problematic. We are almost abiding to lose the weight. Sometimes, we gain weight thwart much that we think that it is not possible to lose our overweight. But it is not true. There is always a solution. It is quite possible to lose the weight. There are no magic to loose weight over night rather it is a long process. But, we should remind in mind that there is always a shortcut of the long process. In this article, I am telling you the way and tricks by following which you can lose weight in very fast and in scientific way trough.

Well, you have to know first what is overweight and what weight is. Here I would like to give you an extra tips that do some study on the matter before you are going to take any step in your life.


weight is a collection of mass contained in body. Human body is measured in kilograms through the world.

Ideal weight of hymen body: Ideal weight of human body is depending on human’s length an age. Human body has its own category based weight according to girls and boys also. For example for your better understand I can say you one. That’s a girl who is 5 foot 3 inch in size and her age is 25 to 35, her ideal weight is 50/55 kg.

Your first and foremost duty is measured your length and than Google the chart of ideal weight of you. You can do it for your gym trainer or via a neutrino expert. If you consider that you are overweight and you are determined enough than you should take step to lose the overweight. You must need to follow the scientific and normal process thus there are no harm in happened in your daily regular life. You should remind in mind very clearly that you need to go for scientific and medical approved way to lose weight fast.

There are so many way that is worked in fast and scientific basis:

Before starting your weight loose journey you need to get some extra per preparation. There are no alternative to ignore per preparation for your betterment. This per preparation will help you a lot to lose your weight fast. Some of the preparation that you need to take are describing below.

  1. Know very clearly that what you want to do
  2. Determination
  3. Get Enough motivation
  4. Mental preparation
  5. Ready to take the challenge
  6. Go to neutrino specialist

In details:

These points are descrying in up need to concern before you start your weight loose journey. So, for your better understand I ask you in details.

 Know very clearly that what you want to do:

Well it is very important segment that you know very clearly that what you want to do. You know the reality of the journey. At first you should know the reason why you want to lose the weight. You should know what you need to do and what you avoid to do. There are so many things that you need you know before starting your weight loose journey. I would like to suggest you to do research via internet or book. Your knowledge will going to help you to decide if you are doing right or wrong. And your weight loose knowledge will help you to avoid doing mistake and harm to your health.


Determination has a great effect mad impact on weight loose journey. There is nothing will help you to run the journey as your determination can. Without determination or lacking of determination you may not able to complete your weight loose. Determination helps you to lose weight in fast and effectively. If you are not determined enough then you may stop the journey or get snored via the weight lose journey. Don’t want to lose weight by hearing others. If you do that you will lose the will power to lose your weight. Better, do it for your better health and fitness.

Get enough Motivation:

Motivation is equally important to do your weight loose journey. Without motivation you may lose your determination and willing power. Motivation helps you to influence to complete your journey. You can motivate in various way. Your neutrino specialist or trainer or your fitness blogger will help you to get you motivated. But I will suggest you that you should to know very clearly why you it is must and basic priority to lose the weight. Nothing can help you more than it as long basis motivation. It is kind of effective and permanent.

Mental preparation:

You need to mentally prepare trod do the journey. It will help you to do the weight loose journey complete and success. Your step wills effective and perfect if you are mentally prepare. You know and your mind is ready to do change in your life style with doing so many extra activities in different way. Know very clearly that what you want to do, determination, get enough Motivation is going to help you prepare mentally for your weight loose journey.

Ready to take the challenge:

There is no doubt that it is a big challenge. It is a challenge to change the regular lifestyle and food style. Who has doubt that do physical exercise is not big challenge to do when your body is habitual of doing none of these before? There are so many big and small challenges that you need to do in your journey time of losing weight. And it is a big challenge to do it in regular basis. If you want to lose weight fast than the challenge is real and true. So you need to get ready to take and face any challenge. You just be ready to face any kind of physical and mental activities to do for your betterment. You know it is tough and painful but be ready to do this.

Go to neutrino specialist:

This is the last and an important step to start your fast weight lose journey. For losing weight first you need to follow a diet chart very strictly. Don’t follow other’s diet chart for your lifestyle and weight loose journey. You need to go to nutrition specialist. He will make you diet chart. Your diet chart will design as your life style, economical status and food habit. He knows better how much nutrition you need to get every day. If you have knowledge about food nutrition and you can make your own, you can do this. And you can get it approved by consulting your food nutrition specialist.

Now I will tell you what you need to do to lose weight fast. There is some basic and unavoidable deed to do for lose weight your journey successful and fast. For losing weight fast you need to do,

  1. Healthy lifestyle
  2. Healthy food habit
  3. Follow diet chart
  4. Physical exercise
  5. Take care of your mental health

Read in details about the above points.

Healthy lifestyle:

Healthy lifestyle is great thing in our life that ensures better and healthy physical health and mental health. Also Healthy lifestyle asks you the disciplined and ideal lifestyle. Doing all the activities that’s healthy and brings positive result of your physical and mental health as consider as healthy lifestyle. If you are following and leading healthy lifestyle than you are ensured that you will not gain more weight that you are already get. It is highly important to stop gaining more weight for losing weight fast. For leading healthy lifestyle you need to do some things as like.

  1. Get up early and got to bed in time. There is no alternative to have sound health without enough sleeping. It helps to your enriched your metabolism.
  2. Taking you breakfast and other meal in time.
  3. Take shower every day and be neat and clean all the time.
  4. Do physical exercise.
  5. Don’t be lazy rather be active as much as you can. If you are active all the day then you can burn calorie rapidly. That will help you to weight loose fast.
  6. Practice spiritual that will help you to get your mind frees and active.


Healthy food habit:

The food we take every day to fulfill our hunger is our food habit. And the foods which are good for our health and we take these in daily basis timely are considered as our healthy food habit. Healthy food habit is must to practice in daily basis to lose the weight fast. There are so many points need to do practice to absorb the healthy food habit in our daily based life. Some of them are,

Healthy food habit

  1. Choose food according to the nutrition: don’t take random food item. If you are not conscious which food you are eaten and what you need to eat, you will not able to lose your weight fast. Maybe you will never able to lose your weight if you are not taking food according to the food value and calories. You just need to choose food according to the nutrition and food value.
  2. Avoid junk food: it is a foremost duty of you is that you need to avoid all kind of junk food. Junk food is one of their main reasons to aging overweight. It is so delicious I know but it contains lot of calories, fat and sugar. It helps your body to get more weight and calorie in short amount of food. Junk food is unhealthy food. So you need to avoid the junk foods if you want to lose your weight fast.
  3. Avoid alcohol: alcohol contains lot of calories and sugar. So you need to avid alcohol and hard drinks. Some soft drinks have also constrained lot of sugar. In that case, you need to avoid these too.


  1. Avoid excessive spicy food: spice is needed for our body. But excessive amount of spice should avoid. It is not healthy to trace excessive spicy food all the time. It enriches body fat.


  1. Take food timely: human body’s metabolism will work nicely and perfectly if you take the daily meals all the time in a specific time. It is highly important to follow.



  1. Avoid excessive amount food: try to avoid excessive amount of food. More calories should not take that your body not demanding. By doing this you can lose weight fast.


  1. Don’t skip breakfast: it is highly importer breakfast to take the breakfast in every single day. Your metabolism will break down if you skip your breakfast. Lots of specialists say that, skipping breakfast is one of the main reasons to get overweight. So for losing weight fast you should ensure you’re having breakfast timely in right amount with healthy menu.
  2. Take clean and fresh food: you always try to ensure that you are taking fresh and clean Spend time to0 make it hygienic and try to collect the organic fresh food. It motivates you to take healthy food all the time. It is also have impotence in healthy food habit to lose the weight fast.

Follow diet chart:

It is very important to lose weight fast to follow the diet chart strictly. It is highly important to eat according to your food chart. Diet chart is a chart of food menu with time and quantity. It is specially designed in basis of your health condition and food nutrition you need to convey. If you maintain your diet chart you can ensure the good food habitat we all know that there is no alternative to practice healthy food habit to lose weight fast and scientifically.

  Physical exercise:

There is no alternative to do physical exercise to lose weight fast. The more you do physical exercise the more quickly you can lose weight fast. You need to do physical exercise eon regular basis. If you start doing physical exercise as because of losing the weight in fast you need to take the help of your physical exercise trainer. You should avoid doing workout without training and proper take care. You can do free hand exercise. It really does matter how much you maintained healthy food style, you must need to do physical exercise also for your body fitness and lose weight fast. Some kind of physical exercise you can do for lose weight fast. As like:

  • Free hand exercise: is. Free hand exercise is cost no money and you do it in your home sometime. There is no bad side of free hand exercise. It is worldwide famous to lose weight fast. Anyone can do this. Walking, swimming and cycling are the most basic methods of free hand physical exercise. It helps you to reduce your body fat very fast. Partly it helps you to become fit and active. There are so many exercises like cardio, jumbo or many kinds of physical exercise items are available in internet. You can do research on it and do that. It really helps you to lose weight fast.
  • Go to gym: people often choose to go gym for losing body weight fast .it is quiet effective also. In gym you may find lots of instruments to do physical exercise and get help from trainer.
  • Workout: it is a bundle of physical exercise items. Free hand exercise and other kinds of physical exercise are included in this term it is often do by the help of specialist. It is really helpful to do weight lose.
  • Yoga, Samba and jumbo: these are the name of some exercise that help anyone to lows his weight in very short time. Yoga helps one to obtain a peaceful mind and healthy, fit and active body. On the other hand, rumba and samba are also famous kind of physical exercise that helps to reduce body fat fast.

Take care of mental health:

It is very open secret that a peaceful mind will help you to have healthy body. So take care of your mental health is mental health is equally important with take caring of body health as well. If you are depressed or frustrated than you are taking more food and your body fat cellar are enriched in number. As a result you got more weight. And if you are not mentally fit than you feel not motivate to lose weight journey. So take step to take care of your mental health. For take caring of your mental health you can do yoga, meditation. It helps you to lose weight.

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