Best Shoes For Jumping Rope – What Are They?

Skipping is a fun game, mainly played by children and some adults, that has similar cardiovascular benefits as bicycle riding and jogging. Just like any other sport, you need to have proper gear before jumping rope to avoid injuries on your feet or other parts of the body. The challenging part is choosing the right shoes for this game since you want to achieve increased performance with them on your feet. Read on to learn more about shoes suited for skipping rope. 

What Features Should Shoes for Jumping Ropes Have?

Running shoes are the best footwear for skipping ropes since they’re light in weight and feature extra cushioning to give your feet less traction. You’ll also need them to act as shock absorbers to the impact produced when jumping rope repeatedly. Skipping rope is considered a high-impact exercise like running, hence the need to wear breathable yet lightweight shoes when engaging in this sport. The footwear should offer less grip to the ground you’re jumping on to make your jumps more efficient and productive. 

When shopping for shoes for skipping rope, get those with a flexible midsole for increased support and comfort. Training shoes won’t be ideal for the exercise since they’re heavier than running shoes. Other features to lookout for include thick heels for less grip and less traction and type of shock absorption or cushioning material attached to the shoe. Ensure the footwear item is made by a reputable manufacturer and is tested for durability. 

Preparing Newly Bought Shoes

The biggest mistake most people make with their newly bought shoes is failing to prepare the shoes for the intended activity. Once you get yourself a pair of shoes for skipping rope, try testing them in less demanding situations. Such situations may involve activities such as slow running or walking. With these simple tests, you’ll get your feet accustomed to the design and feel of the shoe and decrease your chances of experiencing injuries

If your newly-bought shoes have laces, carefully tie them as you prepare them for their intended purpose. Always ensure the laces are properly tied before skipping rope since loose laces may make it hard for you to make successive jumps and put you at risk of tripping. Remember that every jump you make in those shoes will determine your ability to make another one. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun that comes with jumping rope due to an injury or uncomfortable shoes. 

Concerns Regarding Shoes for Skipping Rope

Your ability to spot minor changes or abnormalities in the design or fabric of your shoe will give you an edge over any upcoming challenges. High-impact activities such as skipping rope put a lot of pressure on shoes, making them more susceptible to wear and tear. You can make your shoes more durable by choosing surfaces that have less obstacles (stones, broken glasses or thorns). Cleaning the shoes according to the manufacturer’s instructions will also help make it last longer. 

Jumping ropes can expose you to runner’s toe, which is a traumatic injury caused by the repetitive use of the feet. Your toenail will have a reddish-black discoloration once you get runner’s toe. As it develops, your nail tip will become more brittle and thicker, deform and grow out making the nail painful. Early stages of this injury are easy to treat while the late ones require surgical procedures.  

Summing Up

As you gear up for the next skipping rope session, remember that your shoes partly contribute to your stability when playing the game. Your feet, knees, spinal cord and head among other body parts will be at potential risk of injury if you fall to secure the right shoes for jumping rope. Choose running shoes for this activity since they’re designed to withstand high-impact activities. 


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